We're not strong enough to make it on our own. We need community with other believers to encourage & build one another up in our faith. Learn more about our different ministries.

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At Western Avenue Baptist Church we believe true joy is found by seeing God for all He is in His word. One way to do this is through listening to past messages available online.

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As you get connected and begin to learn about God through His word, consider some of the ways He may be calling you to step into a deeper relationship with Him.

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At Western Avenue all are welcome to come as they are. We have all kinds of ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and interests - and we like it that way. Why? Because in our differences we are united in the hope of the loving Father who guides and directs us through His word. This unity is a bright billboard for the power and goodness of our God. So, whether you're a young single, a growing family, or have been around the block a time or two, you will be more than welcome and we would love to have you visit. We look forward to having you!





We are all on a journey to knowing and trusting the full goodness of God as demonstrated to us through the giving of His Son, Jesus Christ. While what that journey looks like varies for each of us, at WABC we offer the following steps as a means to growing deeper in hope of Him - together. After joining a ministry, consider seeing what's next for you at Western Avenue.